CCTV Monitoring & Analysis

Enhance safety & operations with the power of AI‍

Your Ultimate CCTV Monitoring and Analysis Platform

Our ultimate visibility platform for CCTV monitoring and analysis goes beyond traditional solutions. It provides you with unparalleled insights and control over your security infrastructure.

What we are providing?

Safety Incidents Monitoring

Our safety incidents monitoring services offer a proactive approach to safety management.

CCTV Videos Labeling

By accurately labeling CCTV videos, we enable easy retrieval and analysis of specific events, people, or objects of interest.

Gun Detection

By leveraging the power of CCTV cameras, we provide an extra layer of security, helping to detect and alert the presence of guns in working environment.

Production Process Monitoring for Defected Products

We ensure optimal quality control by detecting and monitoring defected products in real-time.

Vehicle Awareness

We monitor the entering and exiting of vehicles from warehouses, factories or garages to reduce theft risk

Safety Monitoring

We monitor and analyse safety incident to reduce the risks of future accidents and reduce the chances of loss. We can detect the wrongly placed objects, wrong work practices and also monitor safety compliance of workers

We can also monitor safety compliance practices of workers. In this analysis we can monitor multiple activities, some of them are following:

  • Missing Hard Hat
  • Bad Posture
  • Missing Safety Hat
  • No-Stop at Intersection
  • Pedestrian in No-Ped Zone
  • No Stop at end end of Aisle
  • Fork Lift Operator Behaviour

Vehicle Awarenes

We help you with your camera feed and look into the vehicles. We can look and monitor the entering and exiting of vehicles from warehouses, factories or garages to reduce theft risk etc

Gun Detection

we monitor and do analysis of camera recordings to detect and label guns or any other weapon along with suspect holding with weapon. Suspect's movement and activity will be monitored and labeled frame by frame.

Defected Product Identification

Product handling and monitoring is the most crucial thing to monitor. We will monitor that for you. We will check and look for defective products for you so that you don’t have to worry about that. Every product will be monitored with proper concentration.